Let me say it again.

100% Open Rates

Direct Mail


Here's how:

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Oh- and if you want to do this on a bigger scale, just ask some friends to collect their envelopes.  Or offer $.05/envelope to people on craigslist and let someone else come up with ways to get more mailing envelopes for you!

To Your Success!



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Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty


Last night Chris Record shared his struggles and strategy for overcoming them on the Empower Hour call.

One of the key points he made was "It's important to dig your well before you're thirsty."

How true this is.  We never know what storms will come in life.  What droughts.  The only thing we can do is be prepared.

If you're relying on "guaranteed" or "steady" income, I'm going to burst the bubble here and say that there is no such thing.  

Even state governments are going bankrupt and "out of business."  Government employees who have been counting on pensions and retirement payments may be sorely disappointed as the politicians raid shrinking pension funds.  

There are a few ways to protect yourself from this and one of the best ones is to grow another source of income.  Dig your well BEFORE you're thirsty!  You don't want to be the person desperate to pay the heat bill in the middle of winter.  

If times are good, take heed and prepare for leaner times.  Tough times will come and you can be prepared with another source of income and additional skills to be valuable in the marketplace.

Find out more here.


For Your Prosperity,

Jenn Glidden

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Network Marketing Training


OK- let's be honest about network marketing training.  There's a big myth being taught in the network marketing industry.  Watch the video to find out what it is and how we can combat it!

Ready for some real network marketing training that will help you grow your business and finally create the residual income you've heard so much about?


Sign up when you click the button above and I'll be sure to send you free invitations to weekly hangouts where we talk about what's working NOW, along with helpful information I have found in my own business.

Growing your business can be simple. Find out how right here.


Here for your success,

Jenn Glidden


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5FD Results


5FD Results

I was shocked to see these results from running one solo ad and doing a quick video.   

Does 5FD work?  See for yourself in this 5FD results video.  

You'll see that I generated 10 trial sales from running one solo ad.  Those 10 trials have the potential to create $450/mon recurring income.

(I recorded these results a while ago and realized I hadn't gotten them out.  I've had more sales and checks from clickbank since the recording!)

I've been really impressed by the quality of the program. Bryan Winters continues to add more and more resources to the system for FREE!  My 5FigureDay review didn't mention the new 5FD marketing coop AND incredible advertising resource.  Seriously, I can't believe everything you get for free when you join this program.  And how easy it has been to generate income by giving away a free offer.  

If you're wondering "does 5FigureDay work?", this video should be some indication.  I also did a video about the free leads online coming in.  You can see that 5FD review video here.  Seeing over 90 leads in an hour, I got pretty excited!

Does 5FD work?  Yes.  It does.  Sign up right here for free.  

I recommend upgrading to Unleashed for $1.  

Drive some traffic using the free training inside and/or join the coop.  And run with it!  

Note: This video does not imply you will create the same or similar results.  I have no idea what results you will create with this program.  You may far exceed my results or have no results at all.  This is one example of what's possible.


To Your Booming Business!

Jenn Glidden


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Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?


I love enjoying the freedom of taking a walk in the crisp fall afternoons with my baby boy, whenever I desire.

It's one of the perks of working from home.  And it can be something you can enjoy too! 

Click here to learn a simple make to money from home and live the life you want.

You can do this too!


Jenn Glidden

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Go with the Flow

One of the best ways to stimulate creative thought is to get your body moving! With our beatiful fall weather, I decided to get out in the middle of the day, tune into an Inner Circle audio, and enjoy the warm sun, bright leaves and blue sky. Want to learn how you can enjoy your afternoons working from home? Click here. Http://JennGlidden.com

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